Monroe, Oak Island, & the surrounding NC & SC areas are no stranger to harsh winds and heavy rain. When hurricane season starts, you want to make sure your windows are protected. Storms can break your windows and cause serious damage to the interior of your home. With Bahama shutters from James Iron & Steel, Inc., you can protect your windows while enhancing your home's beauty.

Bahama shutters in Oak Island, NC

Invest in stunning iron shutters for your home today

When you order Bahama shutters from James Iron & Steel in Monroe, Oak Island, & the surrounding NC & SC areas, the possibilities are endless. We'll meet with you to discuss your shutter options. You can:

  • Select the Bahama shutters that are the right size for your windows.
  • Choose from a selection of 20+ colors for your new shutters.
  • Add a powder coating finish to make your shutters last longer.

We'll help you find the shutters that work best for your home. You can rest easy knowing that your windows are protected during a storm. Plus, your home's exterior will look great!

Our shutters include a one-year warranty. Get in touch with James Iron & Steel today for a free estimate.